Global Outreach "GO" Team Ministries

GO Team Ministries – This ministry is composed of three elements that make up our mission work in the world around us: Local (referred to as “Jerusalem”), National (referred to as “Judea”) and International (referred to as “Samaria”). It is our church mission to provide humanitarian outreach in these three areas by spreading the Gospel Message of Christ through financial, physical and emotional support to those in need.

Local Outreach

Local GO Team Outreach – this is a collection of local outreach ministries that work to provide assistance within our local York Community through food drives, fund-raising and financial support. We have a variety of local mission outreach programs which include:

National Outreach

National GO Team Outreach – this national outreach program works to provide assistance and rebuilding efforts to communities throughout our nation who are in need of disaster relief, emergency response and/or clean-up after a catastrphic events. This team also works with communities who are in need of financial relief and emotional support.


National Outreach


International Outreach

International GO Team: Working to reach beyond the scope of our local community and national concerns, part of our team works with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ “outside our country’s borders”. Our mission charter calls this our “Samaria” as we serve, connect and grow with communities in foreign lands.

In July 2014 a GO Team will travel to Timisoura, Romania to work with the local church there to add additional worship space and space for the children to their current buildings. 

Our International GO Team has supported mission outreach in the following countries:

  • Costa Rica
  • Romania
  • South Africa
  • Sierra Leone, Africa


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