Growth Groups

Here are the current opportunities for small group study that Zion has to offer:.


LEADER                     GROUP TYPE           TIME           TOPIC

Bob Firestone                 Mixed                  9:15 AM      ACTS

Dennis Snyder               Mixed                  9:15 AM        Praise From and For God's Creations

Barry Kelly                      Mixed                  9:15 AM       Psalms

Megan Leib/Kim Fry                                  9:15 AM      Facing the Giants

Sue Smith                      Mixed                   9:15 AM       

Trisa Warren                                                9:15 AM       Revelation

Karen Page                    Couples               9:15 AM       Think Better/Live Better

Pete LoBianco               Mixed                   9:15 AM      Revelation

Various Leaders         Everyone                9:15 AM       Insights-Drop-in Class for Lectionary Scripture Discussion

Allison Hartnett                                           9:15 AM       Service Projects



Rich Hudson                    Men                     6:00 AM      Men's Growth Group
Pete Peterson                  Men                     6:00 AM      Men's Growth Group

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